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    Uncertain of the future? Worried about how AI and Automation will Impact you? Don't be afraid - create the future - this book shows you how.

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    About The Book

    This 2nd edition of Cheryl Cran's best selling book plus companion workbook provides HOW to be future-ready now!

    Readers Will Learn

      • The trends impacting the future of work including human behaviors and technology

      • The three mindsets you need in order to be future ready now and be change resilient

      • How to read the signs of change in order to anticipate and be ahead of disruptive forces

      • How to use the NextMapping model to create a future ready culture and company

      • Map out and plan short term and mid-term strategies into growth opportunities

      • How to inspire others to co-create the future and to ‘lead the changes’ to get there

      Mapping The How To Be Future Ready Now! 

      Strategies on 'how' to be future-ready!


      Increase your ability to motivate and engage your teams to be future ready. 


      Future proof your career and your success by building your work skills. 

      Business Owners

      Grow your business with research on people and technology trends.

      Start Ups

      Help your leaders and teams create foundational success strategies.


      Create a steady pipeline of clients with key insights on customer behaviors. 


      Grow your business through collaboration & strategic alliances.

      Take a Look Inside the Book

      Chapter 1 - The Future of Work Is Now - Are WE Ready? Research and insights into the trends shaping the future of work including people and technology trends. 


      Chapter 2 - Predict The Future. The PREDICT model provides a step by step tool to help foresee the future of work. 


      Chapter 3 - Mindset of Navigators of the Future of Work. The power of an 'abundant' mindset vs. fear mindset when navigating the future of work. 


      Chapter 4 - The Future is Shared. The future is about collaboration and the 'me to we' model towards shared leadership. 


      Chapter 5 - Navigating Today's Challenges - What's Next?  An in-depth look at the current challenges and how to lead change to create 'what's next'.


      Chapter 6 - Create a Culture of Trust To Create The Future of Work. How to create trust and buy-in from workers, teams, and clients to create the future of work. 


      Chapter 7 - A Very Human Future with Robots, AI and Automation. Proof that the future is very human and how technology is enabling more opportunities in the future. 


      Chapter 8 - NextMapping To Create The Future of Work. How to create the future and future of work with the NextMapping model and planning tool. 

      5 Reasons You Need to Read this Book

      #1. Identify the trends that are shaping the future

      Information is power - find out the trends in society, technology and human behavior that are quickly shifting the future. Knowing the trends and keeping an 'eye' out for the future provides you with foresight and competitive advantage.


      #2. Increase success by 'predicting' your future

      What if you had a crystal ball? The PREDICT model in this book, helps you plan out potential futures available to you personally, professionally or for your business.


      #3. Strategic alliances for the future

      The future is shared and collaborative - using the 'me to we' model learn how to shift your thinking towards greater collaboration to increase your success.


      #4. Turn today's challenges into future opportunities

      Today's challenges include the fast pace of change, recruiting and retaining top talent, keeping up with digital transformation and more. Discover how to turn the challenges into opportunities to lead change to create solutions.


      #5.Robots and AI - Oh My! What It Means For You

      With technological innovation rapidly accelerating it can be scary to think of the future of work. Find out how to ensure you are always guaranteed 'work' in the future. The future is meaningful work, not jobs. This requires a new way of thinking about the future.

      Praise for Cheryl Cran!

      A highly informative book!


      “Nextmapping” is a book that provides strategies and ideas on how to prepare people and businesses to adapt to the rapidly changing face of artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics. What I like most about the book is the PREDICT acronym which helps the reader to anticipate the future and better prepare for it." 


      F. Lee - Amazon Customer

      Essential reading for proactive professionals! 


      "Essential reading for any proactive professional willing to embrace the future of work. Supported by the latest trends and valuable data to carefully analyze the abrupt transformations impacting the future of work, this book is a valuable tool for anyone who wishes to learn how to anticipate and navigate the future with increased success."


      S. Siseles - VP Intl Freelancer

      Your Business Needs This Book! 


      “NextMapping is invigorating! If you are a business leader looking for strategies to move your organization to the next level, this book is for you. I appreciate Cheryl’s frank approach and her data-driven research provides credibility to her audience.”


      J. Hveem - COO Omnitel

      An interesting and inspiring read.


      "Cheryl's book looks at where business is headed in a world where AI and robotics play ever-increasing roles. Cran presents a vision of the future that is not far off. She discusses the importance of remaining on top of research to keep your business heading toward the future. "


      E. Craig - Amazon Reader

      A Riveting Read!


      "Cutting edge -leading edge principals that go beyond the intellect and connects with internal motivations. As soon as I read Chapter 1 I was riveted and inspired by the potential of technology and its positive impact. I especially appreciated the infographics for each chapter making it easy to see the recap of each chapter at a glance - brilliant!"


      T. Larocque - MCC

      A MUST read for entrepreneurs! 


      "With NextMapping, Cheryl is providing the entrepreneurial community the tools to prepare their organizations for a future world where behaviors and technology will intersect in ways no one could have imagined 20 years ago."


      J. Moriarity - Founder E3 

      About the Author

      Cheryl Cran is a #1 future of work influencer, an award-winning keynote speaker and a top global consultant.


      She is a highly sought consultant helping leaders, teams, and entrepreneurs to innovate, increase agility and lead the future of work at the speed of change. Her work has been featured in Washington Post, Huff Post, Metro New York, Entrepreneur Magazine, CNBC, RT Television, Global TV, and more. 


      Cheryl has authored 9 books and she regularly contributes as a future of work expert on and the Silicon Republic blog. 


      Clients include brands such as Amazon, AT&T, Oracle, Bell Mobility, Kaiser Permanente, DHS, World at Work, Aristocrat, Gartner, Upwork, Freelancer and many more. 


      She is the founder of NextMapping a future of work consultancy focused on helping leaders, teams, and entrepreneurs to build the strategies, skills, and solutions to create a future-ready workplace. 


      In 2012 Cheryl inducted into Canadian Speaker Hall of Fame 


      In 2014 named Consultant of the Year by TMI International 


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